sexta-feira, 23 de abril de 2010


This poor man cried and the Lord heard and saved him from all his troubles.

   Who was 21.4 days in the Bay of Botafogo, in Rio de Janeiro, or in your state, certainly called for justice to be free of their afflictions, to get a cure for some disease, to the doors of financial life be open, finally, each was with a single goal: get out of there with the answer. And who was with this intention, surely, be like me and many others who were there: with a joy and great confidence within himself. And that confidence only the Lord can bring.

   Who can not go, where is the meeting on Sunday. But is that going there was special. Only those who were there know what I'm talking about. All we want for those born of God, is more difficult, but in compensation is so right victory. Have we left blessed. Events like those born of God are being renovated. So I say, that the Lord has placed within my heart, nobody can take away.

   Anywhere, we have people who speak well and we have people who talk badly. We must pray 'by our enemies. Only then will please even the Lord. One thing is certain: the enemy only to fall, and he gets up because he knows that we are winners. Surrender our lives to the Lord Jesus. He died on the cross but rose again later. He died for all those who accepted him as Lord and Savior. Such is the Lord of hosts at his side.

   They may even try to overthrow those born of God, but nobody can, we are the Anointed of God. And those who were there on 21/04 are anointed of God and woe to those who stand against us, it is written. Do not be intimidated by what others say. You went there to get a decision in your life. Do not let anyone take from you what the Lord put in your heart. Do not let nothing come to disturb her faith and trust in the Lord Jesus.

   Think about it: I went there and won for the Glory of God. So I'll be stronger with the Lord, so the seek further. The brave always win.

   Stay with God.

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