quarta-feira, 14 de abril de 2010

Wait III.

The Glory of the Lord shall be revealed and all flesh shall see it, because the mouth of the Lord said. Isaiah 40:5.

    Everybody wants to be happy, find the right person, dating, engaged and married. Even those who say they do not want to marry. Everybody wants to love and be loved. Have an unrequited love is terrible. The person suffers because anticipation is ashamed that she loves the person who knows of his feelings. There are people who are sad because they do not know what is true love. There are people who are even bitter about it.

   Know the true way to be truly happy? You only have one: When is the Lord Jesus. How to find God's man or woman of God if your heart is dirty, full of hurt, resentment, trauma, anger finally. A heart can only find dirty dirtiest yet another heart. and it only brings problems, headaches and many sorrows.

   A clean heart, full of God's presence, the new birth, a girl or a boy full of the Spirit, are able to make a young man or woman of God who are happy, because he has wisdom, has the character of God.

   Change the inside, let the Lord Jesus work within you, start taking anxiety and complex. Perfect only the Lord Jesus. Begin to look with good eyes, love yourself, seek the Lord, ask Him for wisdom could find the man or woman of God that He has prepared for you. And if you already are in the presence of God and not yet found the man or woman of God, pray to God and ask Him to change something in you.

   Important for single women: How are we take care of home, work out, we work in meetings and at the end of the day we still have several tasks, it is better to go is preparing to be an excellent homemaker. How so? It's when we learned that almost all unmarried so that when married, not shame.

   In the next post I talk about it.

   There's nothing better than to wait on God's blessing to look forward to a headache for the rest of life. Invest in your spiritual life and you.

   Stay with God.

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