quinta-feira, 27 de maio de 2010

Appearance II.

It relieves me of the tribulations of the heart, strip me of my anguish. Psalms 25:17

The single person who had the meeting with God, is baptized with the Holy Spirit is the Lord Jesus but still lacks something: your other half. When we have the Lord Jesus as Lord of our lives, in the 7th free from all oppression and anguish that led us to the Presence of God. But still, when you're single at the end of year or special dates such as birthday, wedding of friends or even Valentine's Day for a homemm or woman of God who are alone is very sad.

When you're single, it's easier to get your healing or his release or get more spiritually. Not that the single is only because it has the Lord Jesus as their friend, but it is written is not good that man should be alone; will make him a helper meet for him. Genesis 2:18.

A woman of God was created to be companion to help her husband. In today's times can be rather help of her husband and working out in the help of family income. While her husband works outside, to provide for their home, women also work outside, but we can not forget our essence and this has happened a lot today. Thanks to the wisdom of God, both men and women, has helped finance those parts of working out, and at home, with household chores.

The woman did not have to be radical in its concept as it was in the 80s. The release of the contraceptive pill was not a step to 'come out with who want me'. At least in Brazil, between 70 and 90 years among the many women lost the real meaning of womanhood. And as always, and the TV helped a lot. Novels and series showing that the woman had control, did not want to be submissive. But what many believe about submission? It is being faithful to one man is a woman, yes, but without losing his dignity and that the media, mainly in the 80s, made a point of distortion.

Today, many who lived at the time, repent and thank God, turned what was called "freedom" which was nothing more to total distortion of what was to be a woman in the '80s. Today it rescues the values of family, the role of women within and outside the home. For me, those women who were unable to see that with the advent of the pill was a way to protect women and not turn it in to be worse than a man, women today are frustrated with several weddings and have not yet found themselves .

Many of today, through the Word of God, realized that they can be women of God, working out, keeping house, doing God's work and take care of themselves. It is not necessary to be troubled, running from one side to another without direction, leaving with several, it just shows that are not respected. Respect yourself, oh yes, you will be respected.

Stay strong with God.

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