segunda-feira, 31 de maio de 2010


The Lord is with me, not fear that I can make the man? Psalms 118:6.

When we who have to do something, give is a word for someone who needs it, donate clothes, apologize to someone, go talk to your boss to ask for a raise or job, finally, above all, we to ask for God's guidance it is done in His Will and not ours.

   The man who usually asks the girl's hand in marriage by her father, is awesome, so are those who bend their knees and cry to the Lord and it should all be coming home to God. The Church of Jesus is made to order and discipline. Preach the Word is, there is talk about how people can achieve through the blessings of faith in the Lord Jesus, it takes people to learn what is tithe and offerings moves on purpose, after all, what can not be arriving late at the meeting, it is lack of respect for the Lord, leave wireless on and playing music dutante preaching, is lack of respect for the Lord Jesus and who is watching the meeting.

   The fear of God is made of discipline, education and respect for God and neighbor. There are people who simply do not know what discipline but most know what it is about. Such is life in every way. If you want your husband to respect, respect yourself first, if you want your wife to respect him, respect themselves first and their children, the same thing.

   Born of God is not easy, requires an effort of our will not to do more things that are displeasing to God. Be born of God takes courage, discipline and persistence.

   Stay strong with God.

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