segunda-feira, 24 de maio de 2010

Discipline of the Lord.

For this reason, therefore, beloved, waiting for these things, be diligent that ye have found by Him in peace, without spot and blameless. 2 Peter 3:14.

   When you release the wrong things and accept the Lord Jesus, we walk according to His Will. But for those who walk in the paths of faith, believe that the only way is to follow and serve the Lord Jesus, also suffer for it. Why to accept the Lord Jesus, many who went before me, follow me today? It is written in the Word of God: Jesus said to his disciples: If anyone would come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. Matthew 16:24.

   If you're in the Presence of the Lord, being chased, through tribulation, through struggles at home, at work, or even inside your church, give glory to God, because you're on the right path on the way God. The Lord Jesus himself was persecuted by those who claimed God.

   Chase behind learning experience here, strength, courage, spiritual maturity. when we begin in faith, do not we pray, we do not know how we should walk in faith, but Lord knows it and the more you walk in His ways, the more it will shape you, you refine and ripen on the Rock.

   It is important to walk with God as we go through spiritual growth. At that time it seems that all turned back, it's time the Lord came to him and come into your life like never before entered. In Him we find the strength to all, and while you're being spurred on by God, you become stronger spiritually for what God is preparing something for you.

   When we pass through the desert, God is with us. Many saw their struggle, they think that God is not with you, but they do not know how God works. God is with those who love Him. Many escape the discipline of God and this is something of a coward. We all go by the discipline of God and only the brave win.

   We were alone in the desert to learn to trust God. God is showing that we trust only in Him and He is free to us, renews us, restores us and gives us victory. So if you're going through struggles, God is with you, yes. Do not listen to those who try to undermine his faith because he did not know the Lord Jesus and has never had a rich experience with God. Who comes with word of defeat, did not come in the name of the Lord Jesus.

   Are you having the privilege to know him as very few know him. Are you having the privilege of God to be disciplined, matured and led by God to a new stage of life with Him Stay in God and He will deliver thee and keep thee in all thy enemies.

   Stay strong with God.

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