segunda-feira, 3 de maio de 2010

Do not crack III.

"For someone to be greatly used by God, she has to go through difficult times in order to be molded and perfected ... so do their difficult moments a bridge between you and God ... and enjoy them for closer your relationship with Him! "

    The desert is for that. God allows something to happen to us so that we will be further used by Him The more you want to be used by God, Himself more you will improve. Those born of God love the desert. But why? The desert seems to be an ugly place, sad, bad. But that is where Israel's God shows His power is in the desert that the Lord of hosts can count on you and you with him Many spent the desert, others will or will pass. To be used by God is necessary because the desert after it passed to the Promised Land. And I particularly love the desert. And I've gone through many, thank God for that. Because I know He will always tell me and I'll always be here to serve Him.

   Looks like we're alone in the wilderness, but only looks. Who even has to be on our side in these moments is the Lord Jesus. The desert is that we seek more than the longer we looked, we pray more than praying, finally, we remain more in touch with God. So all is good sometimes we can bend our knees and go into prayer and talking with God. He is our friend and in His time will be processed and the experiences gained during the desert, yet mature to be more used by God.


   Remember: Desert is to shape, taste, purify, transform, mature, turn to God, wrestling with God and learn. Oh yes, being used by him for something great that He has prepared for us. For each one of His Chosen, He has something great to do. We have confidence in him. He is with us. If we look at the heroes of the past we see that before engradecerem the name of God, they also had their deserts.

   Great things God has for us, trust in the Lord and not give up.



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