segunda-feira, 3 de maio de 2010

No Hurry.

    Sing to the Lord while I live: I will sing praise to my God for my life. Psalms 104:33

    Actually, there is nothing better than it is in His Presence, Te seeking, always striving to be in contact with the Lord. Being born of God, to have the meeting with God, be sealed with the Holy Spirit, be anointed to do His will. Winning souls for the Lord, spiritually assist those who want with all my heart, that is priceless. There's always someone behind some relief to the soul and that relief is only found in the Lord Jesus.

    Every human being has the need to have someone on your side. But often use the excuse that until they find the right person, relate to the wrong ones. This is a disrespect to himself. You are your greatest asset, is not fair to keep putting yourself and feeding of crap because you did not find something healthy to eat. And healthy is talking about love life.

    If you focus on seeking peace for his soul and his conscience, to respect themselves first, then wait on the Lord the right person. Love life is no joke, especially for those born of God. Who delivers his life to the Lord, waiting for Him to answer. Can not be rushing and not get discouraged. You have the Lord Jesus and He is with you. You are and always will be with you.

    First is always the Lord Jesus, seek Him, do His Will. After a sentimental life. Pray, ask the Lord to choose the right man or right woman for you. Let God choose. We do not know to choose and He knows all things. While the man or woman of God does not arrive, occupy yourself with the things of God. Always seek to do His Will. After all, to find the right person, you have to be good, is not it. And that is in every way.

    Stay with God.

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