quinta-feira, 20 de maio de 2010

Sucessful II.

The priest said to them: Go in peace, the way that bear is under the eyes of the Lord. Judges 18:6

   Many want to find a loved one. Both men and women want to be happy in life sentimental. Some listen to what the majority says, until we find the right person, get involved with the wrong ones. This is speaking of those who have no hope, is speaking of who has the heart bitter. It is easy to see who does this kind of speech, just look at the life of those who speak it. It is totally frustrated.

   When searching on their own, only to find people who do not respect you, look in ballads is not right. In Internet chat rooms have people to meet, travel and lose everything again depressed, devastated because the eagerness of wanting someone's hand, end up disappointed. And God does not want that for you. God is not making anyone suffer, however, as he sees his suffering, he himself calls you to extend the hand toward you and make you happy.

   When we are in the Presence of God when we make him our best friend, when deposited in the Lord our anxieties, we talk with God, oh yes, he can choose the right person for you. Anxious people only find disappointment, bitterness, sadness and pain.

   When we give our lives in the Hands of God, we are free, we have a clear conscience because it is He who is in charge. When one has his own life in his hands, fought and died halfway. Let the Lord show you who the man or mlher ideal, but for this you have to find the beloved of his soul. In the next post I explain about it.

   Stay strong with God.

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