terça-feira, 25 de maio de 2010

What to Ask?

Until now you have asked nothing in My Name: ask, and receive, that your joy may be complete. 16:24.

   When God says to ask, I mean that our application has to be with conscience. How can I get a man or woman of God if I am not prepared to receive applications? Being prepared is being born of God, is a new creature. When you talk about being born of God, that mill errors and fail to have the genius bad. People who break free of the vices, diseases are cured, not born of God, only had the experience of healing and deliverance in the Lord Jesus.

   When we stop having a bad temper, born of God, or the person who was arrogant, boastful, proud of himself, from the moment when she surrenders to God, ask forgiveness for his bad temper, then that person is able to have a meeting with God. He will dwell within you and will be a new creature.

   Ask in this is consciousness. If you want to have a husband or wife back, you ask God to return, they return and find you the same way, is that right? Of course not. You should ask God but by his family, but remember that the most important is their salvation, their transformation. A new husband or a new wife, then yes, let God do what He has to do, everything will be done again in your life. And again I say is a new creature.

   He promises to complete joy, but for this you have to do their part. And the single, ready to receive the blessing in life sentimetal, being new creatures in Christ Jesus.

   Stay strong with God.

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