sexta-feira, 14 de maio de 2010


So, prosperous, if care in enforcing the statutes and judgments which the Lord commanded Moses concerning Israel: be strong and courageous, not afraid, do not despair. 2 Chronicles 22:13.

   God chose Solomon to build the temple. The son of David and Bathsheba. David had his hands soiled with blood because he killed the husband of Bathsheba, David repented bitterly of the error, apologized to God and the Lord forgave you, so that allowed Solomon to build the Temple.

   Solomon was the fruit of David and Bathsheba. God had mercy on the error of David. But God is also justice and everything we do wrong has consequences. And the consequence of David was to choose his son to build the Temple. David wanted to build this temple, but lost that right because they made a mistake, but God forgave him but only that, the Temple of God is built by hands clean, at that time.

   God was with Solomon, much enriched, as he obeyed God. Solomon was young when he was building one of their first temple. Solomon agreed, but within him was afraid, so much so that God spoke to him do not be afraid, do not despair. After Solomon had to make an important decision, and asked that God's wisdom. And with that he became richer still.

   Think about it, stand firm with God.

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