terça-feira, 29 de junho de 2010


   Be anxious for nothing; in all, however, are known, before God, let your requests, by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving. Philippians 4:6.

   Many even want to have someone on your side, everybody wants your soul mate. Several by anxiety and fear, choose their mates and then get frustrated because they have chosen wrong. Many are even tired of married and separated and then remarried to separate later. People anxious, frustrated, who say they believe in marriage the wrong way and, therefore, marry and separate a 10, 20 times.

    Not to be married to know anyone. There is no waiting to get married to be happy. You do not need someone to be happy. Who says or thinks that way, not like himself, have low self esteem and is frustrated with himself. Who desposit hope the other to be happy, make others unhappy. This is not to be selfish partner. Many say they are mates but has no notion of what it means.


   How can the other be what you are not? You are your companion? Do you really love? Have self esteem for you? You respect yourself? If you can not help yourself, how you want the others can count on you? Respect yourself, no need to engage with several boys and girls with several to see which is your half. Rate yourself first before you want someone on your side.

   Search for yourself what you demand in others. Seek the presence of God, seek the Holy Spirit. He'll give you the wisdom to be a woman or man of God who both need to be to help ourselves and helping others.

   Love yourself, like you, make yourself happy, be your partner, take care of yourself when you are well with you, oh yes, you can make someone happy.

   Stay strong with God.



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