quarta-feira, 30 de junho de 2010

Be Brave.

So do not be discouraged, instead, even though our outward man perish, yet our inner man is renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison. 2 Corinthians 4:16,17.

   Although it is difficult to win, we must not lose heart. Keep fighting, stay in His Presence. Struggles, trials are necessary in life who is God. Why? To not give up on faith. No fights, no trials, there is no way to have a pure faith. How to be shaped by God without fighting? This does not hesitate.

   How many still do not know what is wilderness? And those that barely arrived in the desert and gave up halfway? Few who entered the desert and left him with victories. The greater the struggle, the more that God has prepared for you, the greater the victory.

   Nothing to be dejected. Take the opportunity to seek the Lord more. Enjoy that nobody believes in you and make the Lord your one and only true friend. If you find yourself alone, thank God for not having one on your weeds. God made me free from false friends and will give you new friends.

   What do you want to do with you, you must be prepared to receive what God has to put in their hands. If the fight is very difficult, always say: Thank God it is something wonderful that God has placed in his hand. Believe that you have received by faith. God must believe to see.

   Think so, his victory has arrived, so the tribulation. If all went away, God has the opportunity to speak directly with you. It's like the 300, Gideon. Earlier thousands had with him, as they were passing through obstacles, many stayed behind and were few on, until only 300. And they made a difference against thousands.

   God wants to use you to win souls for the Lord Jesus. He has something that is already doing in your life, and when you see what God has for you, not only will you be benefited, but those around you who have not had the meeting with God through His blessing, will have a real and greater experience with Him through you, many born of God. So stay strong, God is with you!

   Stay strong with God.

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