sábado, 19 de junho de 2010

Give Value.

The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree will grow like a cedar of Lebanon. Psalm 92:12.

   When we are in the Presence of the Lord, we can not discourage you from our struggles. Many people still think of being happy in life sentimental. They have almost everything, it only lacks find someone that makes them happy. Many look at bars, parties, internet, finally. It is rare to find anyone on the Internet and be happy. many women who have tried to find on the Internet, lost money, have been abandoned, are depressed, they think they will not be happy. Yes they will only look in places that were wrong. The internet is still not a safe place.

   Many novels and movies they see, they dream too happy with the end of their lives, but they have not found? Dress up, go to bars, discos, nightclubs, raves, and yet when they come home, because they are evil took the night with three or four guys, but does not have anyone. Why? We still do not have the proper value. when they invented the pill was for birth control and condoms because of AIDS and also for birth control. Many women took the pill and release came to be behaving like a boor man, coming out with various and do not want to compromise.

   Many now suffer the consequences of the past. Some died because they were promiscuous life, others are living doentes.Mutos saying that men and women are equal and of course they are not. The creation is different. There are still women who comportm as men, and are frustrated by going against their nature. If the man, leaving with several signal is that it has no character, imagine the woman.

   God created man in His image and likeness, and made the helper. What is to be helper? It being of her husband and not competing with him. The two really can work, help each other, lift each other when one is down, one to give force to another, a pass to the other, finally. This shows the camaraderie that so many seek.

   You looking for a man who is a partner, friend, faithful, loving, who is responsible, that has character, etc., but you're well? Have you ever stopped to think that when we want someone with these characteristics, we first have to be these characteristics? This is how God who created you and allows you to wake up every day, giving you the air you breathe, it is. When we turn to the Lord and came to walk in His ways, He protects us and guides us and not allow us to be and to behave inappropriately. But we must seek Him, find and meet the Lord.

   Respect yourself and love yourself before you want to meet someone. Be fair to yourself.

   Stay strong with God.

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