domingo, 20 de junho de 2010

The Lord is with thee.

So I will give thee thanks in the great assembly; will praise thee among much people. Do not rejoice over me those are my enemies without cause, or blink the eye that hate me without cause. Because they did not talk of peace, before inventing the quiet in the land against deceptive words. Threw open their mouth against me, and say: Ah! Ah! our eyes had seen. Thou, Lord, what you saw, not thy peace, Lord, do not drift away from me. Psalms 35:18,19,20,21,22.

   When we are in God's Presence, we have to watch, always live in constant prayer and always praying for our enemies. this is one of the virtues of the New Birth. Always be praying is one way of being with thoughts on the things of God. When we are worried about something, we are far from the Lord, and it's like not trust that He is in front of us and has solved the problem.

   Put the problems and anxiety in His Hands, shows that trust in the Lord and in His time, everything will be resolved. The Christian has many enemies, problems, persecutions, struggles, finally, but what to do when someone stands up against you? Simple, pray for that person. The Envy exists everywhere and always up to us to watch and pray for those who, sometimes unwittingly, is jealous.

   You, just before God, which they currently find themselves alone, everybody turned against you, give thanks to God for that! Enjoy the moment and stay in constant communion with the Lord. There is no better time to God do a miracle in your life than this. God only rejected those that hindered their faith in Him. Looks like you're alone, but God is there beside you, protecting you, you mature spiritually, you casting for another phase of his life. Increase your relationship with God that He provides His people are to be our friends. This is true because it happens with people who are in the desert.

   If you find yourself alone, if those who called themselves his friends, or talk with you, pray for them and let God do the rest. Abraham had to leave their friends and family to do the will of God and some time later was blessed with a son, and that same God to bless us, we have to drop something or someone that He will bless us. But it is God Himself who operates, it is God Himself who departs for us to be blessed. It is a privilege that applies to few, and you are part of this minority called by God to make a difference. Do not switch if no one believes you, the most important is already happening, and you believe God is on your side! Think about it.

   Stay strong with God.

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