domingo, 13 de junho de 2010

Love the Lord.

Love the Lord, all ye his saints. The Lord preserves the faithful, but returns with the haughty breadth. Psalm 31:23.

When the Lord says that reciprocates with largesse, it means that the Lord expects the superb turn from his evil way, that is, for those who are in His Presence and still do things that displease God, and observe what they are doing, if you hate or hurt someone's custody, it is best to fix his mistake, clear your heart and seek His mercy and not return again to practice the same mistake again.

The Lord expects us and have mercy on all His children. when we do something wrong and that the dislike, He rebukes and even up to us to recognize that we fail, we repent of this evil way and ask forgiveness from the Lord and the strength to not return to practice it again. The Holy Spirit, seeing our perseverance and strength to not return to the practice of error, in coats and strengthens us with His Presence. God is pleased when we truly repent and strive to never again practice of error.

You may be in the church, give their tithes and be the offeror. Participate in campaigns, but if you keep any bad feeling in your heart, it will only affect you. Why are there people inside the church, with cancer or other incurable Donec human eyes? Why keep someone's hurt, can not forgive, you make enemies or enemies within the Church, finally. While it grow inside you, God has not shed as blessings without measure that promises in His Word.

When it says to save the heart, is not to get infected with anything. Do not have your heart on anything or anybody. Take heart in only one person: The Lord Jesus. He is the One who does not disappoint us and always gives us his strength, His joy and His meekness, through the Holy Spirit. It allows the proud tread of his ways, by the time they reach the bottom. God is not pleased that, but is required for the superb again be humble and let your heart in the Hands of the Lord.

Let Your heart only the Lord Jesus.

Stay strong with God.

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