quinta-feira, 24 de junho de 2010


    You came near in the day that my prayer to you said: Fear not. Lamentations 3:57.

   Many make a commitment to year-end, wishing to yourself that next year will be different. We are now in the midst of life for many years and has not changed, why? Some may say it is a lack of faith, others may say that still is not the time, finally, one can say something about it.

   Most people want to be happy in love. Find someone who makes her happy. But to make someone happy, you have to be a happy person. Find someone who makes you happy is easy, the hard part is making yourself happy. Many others have placed in the hope that he or she will make you happy, so I end up disappointed. How will I make someone happy if I am an unhappy person?

   God made man and woman, man to be the provider of the house and the woman to be the helper. While her husband is from the food the woman takes care of the house and children. Many women have feminists disapprove of this woman's condition, sorry. If feminists knew to be helper, keeping house, children, husband and working out, if any, is all that most of them want to be and are not, fall on hard ground.

   What makes a helper? A woman who is born of God and unmarried, takes care of his things like: work, home help, either with the salary or tidying up, and if it is neuter, assisting in the work of God. A single woman, one day she will marry, then must be prepared to be a helper. It is to be beside her husband, knowing when it's time to speak, spiritually help her husband. And for that, you must be well spiritually.

   So you must be a woman of God. Often, the husband will be away from home and you have to resolve things in the house. Marriage is very serious. After the spiritual life, marriage is very important in the eyes of God. It is after marriage that many are able to develop more spiritually and in other areas but it all starts with a good marriage guided by God.

   I'll talk more about marriage in the coming posts. Marriage is not a failed institution, was created by God for a purpose, therefore, wait on the Lord, do not rush, get married and separated several times desgstante is not only for you but for those who are on your side. Think about it.

   Stay strong with God.

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