quarta-feira, 23 de junho de 2010

Sow in the Desert.

Asked, and he did come quails and quenched with bread from heaven. He split the rock and waters gushed that ran, which flood in the desert. For he remembered his holy word and Abraham his servant. And he led his people with joy, and with joyful singing, His elect. Psalms 105:40,41,42,43.

    Many complain and wonder why God has not done wonders in your life. One of the many miracles that God does is able to breathe upon awakening. It is to be alive after a night's sleep is to sleep, while many suffer from insomnia, you may have two arms and two legs, while some depend on others to be able to go to the bathroom or get on the bus.

   Many call for no reason. Are you unemployed? You are in debt? God gave you life and wisdom to get out of this situation. His son is in trouble, pray to the Lord. Many prefer to complain about their situation with others instead of their knees and cry unto the Lord, He intervenes in your favor and make a bad situation into blessings.

   When you arrived at the church, you went to sleep not sleep, saw strange things and now no longer see, he was unemployed and now has his own business, live in addictions and is now free, after all, God is transforming you in there anymore front power bless you even more. First God transforms the interior, which does not take it all He pleases and then fill with His Holy Spirit.

   God does not help to rush because it's all in His time and His order. What good is a great business if you do not have what you will rest in God's Presence? Many who have transformed the financial lives today are not in the Presence of God because they have not sought the Blessed One.

   Search is the blessing and represented their soul goes to where? Do not complain that God is doing the work in your life, yes. Look at you, see what you were before you know the Lord Jesus, and see today! If no transformation inside, it's because you did not give your heart to the Lord Jesus. Rate yourself before muttering and remember: who goes around muttering in the desert and ends up dying before seeing His wonders.

   Even in the desert, God is with us, not let us starve, and at the same time, makes us mature because the work is His. Be sure to seek Him, however great the struggle, because God is with you.

   Always praise the Lord for everything, give thanks to God for everything because He is pleased that.

   Stay strong with God.

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