segunda-feira, 21 de junho de 2010

Wait on the Lord II.

    Will remember the Lord and He will turn the ends of the earth shall bow before Him all the families of nations. 22:27.

   Put the Lord first in your life, seek Him with all your heart, then yes, with the anointing of the Holy Spirit, you will find the man or woman that God has prepared for you. Many wonder how, but it is very simple: He knows all things, He knows our hearts and probe, and all that we ask God, He answers us in His time.

   Rather than be anxious to know where it will come, how will that have physical type, what is the color of eyes, in short, worry about being a blessing and be prepared to find the man or woman that God has prepared for you .

   Be a blessing, invest in your relationship with God, look at every day, be intimate with the Lord Jesus and not worry because God knows whence, as will be the most important thing is you and God. Many are frustrated in love not knowing wait, eager to walk, see the other married and still remain single. Give thanks to God for being just because you're single, arrived in the presence of God as well, be blessed with a man or woman of God.

   Many who arrived in the Presence of God married or single woman is converted and the unbelieving husband is, or is converted only the husband and wife is in disbelief, go through bad times and only when they take heart from their respective, is that the transformation can in their marriage.

   You single? Wait on God, is he married? Fight for your marriage to God's wisdom. Do not give up. God is with you.

   Stay strong with God.

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