segunda-feira, 14 de junho de 2010

Your Offer.

    Gold for things of gold and silver for silver, and for the whole work of the hand of craftsmen. Who then is willing today to bring offerings liberally to the Lord? 1 Chronicles 29:5

   Their first offering, begins early in the morning, get up, giving their lives through the first prayer of the day. when we recall first the Lord Jesus, it pleases us, and certainly comes to us.

   The deal that the heroes of the past led to the altar of the Lord were the best because 'the Lord always have to give the best. The best praise, the best prayer, our best on Sunday morning, finally. When we put God first in our lives, things are happening gradually.

   The deals are not just about money. God gave His Son to save us free and save us. Nothing more fair than surrender our lives in His Hands. It has a hymn that says the best offer we are, and it is true. Instead of doing to man, put within you everything you will do is for the Lord Jesus. By doing this, at heart, you'll have many blessings in your life, because it will be with the Lord's hand on you, always, in every moment of your life.

   One who acknowledges the Lord Jesus in everything in life, walks in His ways and puts the Lord first, besides giving its offer, is a man or a woman accumulated blessings. Many who come to you will notice the difference. And even in the desert, God is with you 'cause only goes to the desert and win those who are born of God and that will be used by the Lord according to His Purpose.

   Always offer the best for the Lord, He will surely reward you in His due time.

   Stay strong with God.

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