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Beauty Is Everything?

 Women formerly wore makeup to highlight their beauty. In Egypt, women wore makeup and liked to have their eyes well marked and usually were made with substances the basis of antimony, a toxic chemical is mixed with coal. And they used the colors green for eye shadow and black eyeliner as known today.


And with the antimony, they used multiple colors to highlight the cheeks, eyebrows, lips and eyes. they mingled with the antimony red, for example, to paint the lips. But for making lipsticks, was used also galena, natural sulfate of lead gray, bluish or malachite, copper oxide for green color. Since the copper oxide was used for the prevention of eye diseases.


To paint the nails, used henna plant. This type of henna is also used in Indian weddings and Moroccans. The henna plant served to paint the nails of the hands and feet, beyond the palms and soles of the feet, the same way as the Moroccan and Indian are today. The red and yellow ocher also helped compose the appearance of men and women of the time.


To use these products and the realization of makeup and hairstyles, the Egyptian had tools like sticks to the application of kohl, clips and hair curlers, cosmetic boxes and palettes to mix them, and mirrors of polished metal.


Egypt at the time had its own color palette, besides being a great reference and very rich. The pharaohs were in their colored wigs forms of social distinction and considered eye makeup destaque.As point of mixtures of heavy metals gave the green cast to the penetrating and protecting the lids of the nobles. It is also with the Egyptian civilization that arises the distinction: "Woman-skinned" and "man of dark skin." Cleopatra and represented the ideal of beauty that time. Charismatic and powerful, Cleopatra immortalized his treatment bathing in milk, covering their faces with clay and made-up eyes with khol powder.

In Egypt, the makeup has become part of daily hygiene and takes power function. the more makeup, the greater power that the Egyptian had.


So then, it was common to die poisoned due to the excesses that the Egyptians did with their makeup. By vanity and power to bear on the others. This is not very different from today. But those who like to bear in power are not only exaggerated makeup, but on his clothes and extravagant in their luxury cars.

Many have personal stylist, a person paid to teach people who have money to dress appropriately. This happens with many celebrities who had nothing before and the day to spend the night to win in one day what would take 50-10 years to join.


In the late eighteenth century, the English Parliament received the proposal for a law that attempted to impose on women the same penalty for embellishment that was imposed by witchcraft. The term relieved of their responsibilities husbands who had married a "false mask": "All the women from taking advantage of this act, seduce or attract marriage any subject of Her Majesty by scents, paints, cosmetics, lotions , artificial teeth, false hair, Spanish wool, iron corsets, frame for skirts, heels or anquilhas, are subject to penalty of law that now enters in force against witchcraft and like misdemeanors and that marriage, if convicted, be void ... " It's hilarious letter published in the British newspaper The Spectator, in the year 1711, where a distraught husband vents ... "Lord, I'm thinking about leaving my wife and I believe when you consider my case, his opinion will be that my intentions are to divorce justas.Nunca a man as passionate as I was by your forehead, neck and arms targets as well as the color of his hair jet black. But to my amazement I found that everything was done art: his skin is so dull with this practice, when he awoke in the morning, hardly looked young enough to be a mother who took her to the bed the night before. I take the liberty to leave it at the earliest opportunity, unless the father makes his fortune appropriate to their real, not alleged, features ... "

This man wanted to divorce his wife at the first opportunity, but in writing the letter, he arrives at them and says it can back its decision if the girl's father give him the dowry. Previously, marrying in exchange for gifts. And who gave these gifts was the father of the bride. And these skills could be farms, jewelry, and money, much money.

Many like to be around beautiful people, but that's not all. Of what use to be beautiful and be without character? Some still think that because of the beauty, and it can all not true. Being beautiful and without character, being a person empty, with nothing to spend, leads some to death. Marilyn Monroe was a beautiful woman. It represented the 'standard' woman of the 50s and 60s. Her beauty took her to sing at the birthday party of John Kennedy. Many women at the time were split, some wanted to be like her, others were jealous and said that it diminished and confined women to be only one object.

One of the most beautiful women, eventually dying in ways that were inconsistent with their lifestyle: just killing themselves with a mixture of drugs. she seemed happy but was one of the most unhappy women in the world. The men wanted a woman like her but she had no one who loved her for herself. Enjoyed their beauty, but live with it, very few lived. He was loved by all for its beauty, not to be Norma Jean, the girl inside.

Beauty is not everything. Nobody gets 20 years for ever. You must love each other without wanting to copy anyone. Each has its beauty. It is not necessary to die on the operating table to do a liposuction, it is not necessary to be injecting silicone breasts to be accepted. Beauty comes from within you yes. To be accepted, first you have to take. God is no respecter of persons.

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   Stay strong with God.

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