sexta-feira, 23 de julho de 2010

Living for Christ.

    The Lord ruled that the sentences were against you and cast out your enemy. The King of Israel, the Lord is with thee: thou shalt not see evil any longer. Zephaniah 3:15.

  Who has life in the Hands of the Lord, receive deliverance. Those who guide their lives through the Word of God, their faith is founded on the Rock. Everything that is happening today is the beginning of the end and many still worry about being fashionable.

   Being at the altar of God is much more important than worrying about what is the latest trend of nail polish. Being on the Altar of God is to surrender one hundred percent, with all their hearts to the One able to transform your life. Even those who are in the Work of God and serve Him in the lobby, it is important to be with life on the altar of God.

   There are many women who give their lives in the hands of men who will not give you value and are reluctant to give their lives to God. These are women who suffer with sorrow, are undervalued in the house, are betrayed by their comrades, in short, due to so much suffering, are women who have very low self esteem and the only thing they have is a person who is on his side, even mistreating, but is there.

   Because of these hardships, they end up devaluing and living each day as well because it has no perspective on life. But when we take the Word to them, some accept it and seek the solution of their problems, others lose hope, but much later, also come to seek the solution of their problems.

   When we evangelize, not everyone who invite remain, or is not the time or because they have not reached rock bottom, or because they prefer to stay the way it is than to lose the little they have. Women who have the heart of things, love someone or something, they lose what is the heart.

   But evangelism is to bring the Word and be the testimony of what God did and still does today.

Still, there are people who accept it and some people did not agree. But those who do not accept today, will accept tomorrow. On the day the decision was so. In the weeks before D-Day, when we talk to people and explain what it was, some have committed to go, others wanted to go, but on the appointed day, were seen something happened or later agreed, finally. Just know that when we come to the meeting, many came to tell us who watched on TV and they were sorry they had not gone. Others who should have come as a relative would be healed, finally, even so those who were not, are now in the Presence of God, but still has a few that still remain, but it is a matter of patience.

   Has a man who every time I step on the road evangelizing him, he is keen to get the newspaper. Unfortunately, it depends on relatives to get around and his children have not allowed me to take him to the house of God. The children worship the gods and people like that, we must have patience and perseverance. The most important thing is that it accepts and reads the newspaper, but with God is one step at a time.

   A girl that I made a visit and prayed before leaving her, she had depression, left the house, and was staring off, it seemed that he did not understand what was going around, but she understood, so that today it is cured, and is working in the Presence of God. She is married and her husband and her sister did not understand what was happening to her, ma Thankfully, today it is free.

   God calls us to do His will. He transforms us from within, clean and place the seal that is the Holy Spirit. With the Seal, we are able to transform, liberate and heal other people and it is a privilege that God gives us because He probes our hearts and know what the intent of the heart of each. If your intention is to have the seal to show that you have, make no mistake, God is intelligent, and never pour out upon you the Holy Spirit with other intention than to do what the Lord Jesus did.

   Thank God, yes I had experiences with God and those who are also had. God only calls those who are able to do His will. While we do God's will, He takes care of our family, our house and leaves nothing we lack. just follow His Word.

   Those who serve God, are workers, evangelists, and members, has a great love for the One who gave His Son for us to do His will is truly a privilege of few. And by His Mercy, we're standing, we have new life and last Friday, God Himself was not only for me but for those who have pure hearts that we are on track and we are not alone. He is with us in our walk, so we had the privilege of being at the Altar of God. And who knows what I mean.

   There is nothing better than to humble ourselves before God. Many in the Old Testament, they learned that this is the way it comes to God and that's the way we do not have the arrogance and pride within the heart.

   We're all part of the family that God chose to do His Will. We must be united by love of Christ to please God.

    Stay strong with God.

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