segunda-feira, 19 de julho de 2010

Soul Food.

Found His words, I did eat them; Your Words are my joy and gladness to the heart, for I am called by Thy name, O Lord God of hosts. Jeremiah 15:16.

  Whoever does the will of God, receive this joy and happiness. Who is sincere with the Lord in your prayers, who does not hold bitterness and resentment, those who love their enemies, who loves his neighbor, is called by God to serve Him. Who has a life given totally in the Hands of God, trust in the Lord, even in adversity.

  It is God who calls us to serve Him and do His will. But to call attention to God we deny that our flesh, or do anything that pleases the Lord. Many still can not fast. There are several reasons for this. One is that when taking medicine for high blood pressure, diabetes, or chronic disease, some people fast for three or four hours.

  To open the fasting, it is necessary to wait two hours after he made the last meal. An example: you wake up 5 am and ate breakfast. Wait two hours later to open the fast. the fast open at 7 o'clock in the morning and if your case you have any chronic illness, fast for 3 hours and take only water during fasting. Many anoint themselves when they begin fasting.

  For those who do not take medicine for those who can do the fasting for six hours, is also the same procedure. After having eaten, wait 2 hours to open the fast. It is one of the sacrifices worthwhile. Our flesh will not endure seems to go without food, but during fasting, who feed us the Holy Spirit. It is he who gives us strength during fasting. And after fasting, we become stronger spiritually. many are already able to get 12 hours of fasting. I myself have done 12 hours of fasting and in the end it seemed that would not hold more flesh seeks food, but the Spirit of God is stronger and in the end, I finished the fasting further strengthened spiritually.

 But to make the 12 hour fasting is not for everyone, when I started fasting, I did with 4 hours and gradually increased the hours went. It was not the night to day. It was piecemeal. God is so. It is necessary to grow and mature to remain in the Presence of God. Grow and mature with God. and fasting is with reason and a purpose.

  Many do with spiritual purpose. When I learned that fasting was important and meaningful, I started doing. Even those taking medicine, can do so fast. At least 3 hours. And with a purpose. No purpose, to make fast? And during the fast, meditate on the Word of God. Help feed your soul. Eat of the things of God. Yes these are timeless.

  Stay strong with God.

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