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Why You Are Not A Virtuous Woman?

My dove, that you walk through the cracks of the cliffs, craggy rocks in hiding, show me your face, let me hear your voice because your voice is sweet and your face, lovely. Song 2:14.

  How nice to be close to virtuous women. They pass and exude the fragrance of the Lord Jesus. There has frowned on wheels and are not gossip and do not store in the heart hurts. Women who are wise with their deserts learned and matured in the Lord and therefore today can build your home, spiritually strengthen their husbands and make their children walk by knowing the word of God.

  Unfortunately few women are able to in five minutes of conversation, pass the Lord Jesus to us. Even going through trials, yet remain sweet, softly, always doing the Lord's will. There should be more women like that. Why do not you? Why you are not a virtuous woman? You do not know who created you please.

  If you notice the life of a woman of God that is in the Work of the Lord, you see why it makes a difference, not only the Church, which is voluntary, but wherever you are. Be on the open market, a medical consultation room, on the bus, finally. Wherever you are, you carry His Lord, His Light and God bless women like that.

  But as a virtuous woman that way? Begins surrendering to the One who can and does it leave the bottom. God is the One who searches our hearts and knows who serves Him and serve wholeheartedly. And he sees it in women who are despised, humiliated and rejected by relatives, friends and family. When she finds herself alone, listen to the radio or see on tv a testimony of a woman who went by that she is going through and won by the mercy of God, also will seek the same God who has transformed the life of the woman's testimony, will also transform your life.

  Goes through the process of liberation, water baptism, the New Birth, the Seal of the Holy Spirit, this is for their spiritual. Then the Lord turns his family, his relatives and friends. Ie replaced by the fully transformed life and the wisdom that the Lord gives you, comes to be seen as a woman of God., A virtuous woman. But that does not happen overnight, it is through persistence and perseverance to win.

  If you know a woman who speaks one thing, but behind someone else speaks, lives gossiping, says he does not forgive certain attitudes, likes to stand facing the 'enemy', is intriguing, finally makes everything that displeases God, stay well away from women as well because this type is a contentious woman. Woman who mumbles, is frowned on, does not agree to take any one rebuke to the abyss. Beware of this type. And if you do so, humble yourself before the Lord and ask the Holy Spirit to you because you want to shape a new creation.

  It is very easy to see that kind of woman, she does not leave the wheel of gossip and says nothing that builds even wanting to seem holy, but their actions show that it is not.

  Virtuous woman forgives and sometimes yes, by their enemies. she knows that doing so will be keeping their eyes well and staying safe.

  All can be virtuous women, but not all are. This we noticed in several respects. If you see a woman who is on their side, the way she speaks, their attitudes toward the trials, is a woman of God, be her friend because she sure has a lot to spend for you.

  And you?

  Stay strong with God.


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