quarta-feira, 11 de agosto de 2010

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called sons of God. Matthew 5:9.

    How nice to have inner peace, have a clear conscience, pleasing to the Lord doing His will and walk in His ways. Sleep peacefully, knowing he could do the Father's will during the day. And that tomorrow will be up again in order to glorify His name.

   A person who has inner peace, peace can pass to others. That does not mean it will go through trouble or fights, on the contrary, those of the Lord, rejoice in fights. Why is the fight that our faith is practiced and practiced. Are deserts that are being adopted by a Christian God.

    There is a difference between those born of God and those not yet born of God. Those who are not born, they see the struggles as something that should not be happening. They are feeling sorry for themselves and not accept pass through the deserts. Murmur as the people of Israel that was lost 40 years because they did not accept the discipline of the Lord. Desert is to mold, to mature and adopt one that is a child of God. Those who were not born of the Lord, do not accept His discipline because they live according to his will. Serve God according to his will and not God's will.

   Those born of God, see the wilderness as something where they can have even more intimacy with God. Take advantage of the circumstance to renew their relationship with God because they recognize that need to be molded, acknowledge they must mature to be approved by the Lord. Those born of God know that the desert is something for the Lord is preparing for them and they will win only when they are approved by God.

   How to be approved by God? Beating yourself. Leaving the Lord Jesus through the Holy Spirit dwelling in you and do His will. Surrendering to the Lord in His Altar. Letting it flow in you the fruits of the Holy Spirit. And seeing the desert, the struggles and tribulations as an opportunity for you to grow more spiritually.

   Remember: Those born of God, win, have fights, but do not let themselves down because they know those born of God and know the Lord Jesus.

   Stay strong with God.

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