terça-feira, 10 de agosto de 2010

Know What Is Marriage?

Because all the land you see, I'll give you and your descendants forever. Genesis 13:15.

    The Lord made this promise to Abraham when Lot decided to separate from his uncle. God had called Abram and said it was for him to leave his land and his relatives. Abram obeyed. Except that Abram left the land, but took with the family. Lot was his nephew. Abram did not want to leave him alone in the land of Ur of the Chaldeans no relatives nearby. Lot was married and had children.

   God bless Abram did not stop because of it. Just what Abraham wanted most, only happened after that Lot decided to separate from his uncle. In the division of land, Lot chose the land that was more beautiful to the physical eye. The land of Sodom and Gomorrah. Abram learned what was happening with his nephew and went to help him. He was tied to a tree trunk and be killed. The Lord wanted to destroy the land because of the wickedness of the hearts of the inhabitants of the land.

   God, through Abraham, saved Lot and his family. Only, Lot's wife was not obedient to God's voice and looked back and was turned to stone, in hours. Lot's wife was with the caravan of Abram, but did not like. She felt that the family of Abram lived better than hers. She felt that grazing animals and Abram were better than the Lot, after all, Lot's wife did not help her husband and therefore had the death he had.

   She was foolish and reckless. Instead of supporting her husband, giving him strength, she could not and still put uncle against nephew. The wife of Lot heart was hard. And many are so today. Married women who do not support their husbands. They find that even after they are married, have to live as if they were single. Today, both women and men work out. Housekeeping was always a female task. Today, men and women not only help the financial part, but on the education of children, if they have children, the maintenance of housekeeping, food, finally, marriage is very serious and very important.

   After they married, both men and women, leave the single life to live a married life and one has to take care of each other, one raises the other. Marriage is marriage and not living alone. It is interesting because many want to be with someone, living together, married in church, in short, they want to be in the same house with someone, but these people are prepared to marry?

   You know what is marriage? The meaning of marriage? Marriage, wedding or marriage is the link established between two persons through the recognition of government, religious or social and which implies an interpersonal relationship of intimacy, which are the archetypal representation of sex, although it can be seen by many as a contract. That is, many, today, to keep the name and not lose social status by marrying a contract. Others to satisfy the desires of the flesh, and others to not be alone. Later, they end up separating because marriage is not so. God made man and saw that it was not good that man be alone and made a helper (Genesis 2:18).

   When the man of God finds its helper, yes this, is peace in your home and your children please the Lord. (Read Psalm 127:3). Your home will be a piece of heaven, from the moment you leave the Lord dwell in you and transform your inner and then realize their dreams. Think about it.

   Stay strong with God.

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