sábado, 3 de julho de 2010

I Want a Love.

Call unto me, and answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not. Jeremiah 33.3.

   Put yourself in front of the Lord, only He can make the changes and answer your questions. Let the Lord work in your life. Why do many still wonder how is your life? Why this concern? Why do many not yet surrendered their lives to the Lord? Because many still has his life on his own hand, have not yet surrendered body, soul and spirit to Him who can and will do miracles in your life.

   Are anxious people who will marry, are anxious because they see people getting married and they still have not found the right person. Are too preoccupied with themselves, they are selfish, who only seek their welfare and not really give themselves to God's work. A woman of God is concerned to please the Lord. And how to please Him? Practicing His word, renewing itself through the Holy Spirit, using the wisdom of the Lord.

   Women and men eager to seek their own eyes and with this, and disappoint blame God for your mistake. This is wrong. God said it was waiting for the right person in Him, that He will put in their way on time. If you leave on your own, you choose the look and feel this is wrong because God is no respecter of persons.

   How many men of God who are unmarried in the Church, who make up God's work, but because of the appearance were not chosen. How many are women of God who are also God's work and, unfortunately, are also victims. Many seek out when the Lord has shown he is on your side and you do not want to see. This leaves the Holy Spirit sad. We should never judge by appearance but by character.

   Cry out to God and let Him show you the truth. Let Him do His will. You, who gave his life to God, let him choose for you. Appearance is nothing, the character is everything. Think about it.

   Stay strong with God.

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Gisley Scott disse...

I believe that having a husband, friends, job and all other things are great! WHEN JESUS IS ALREADY OUR EVERYTHING.

Until we don't understand that we have everything in Him, we'll be very tempted to build altars for our dreams,goals and other things we want to achieve in life.

When we invert the order of things, our lives can be miserable and sad, because there's a space in our heart that only God can fulfilled. I can have the best job of the world, the best friends, the best husband/wife, but yet they will fall short to fulfill only what God can fulfill.

It is still worth to wait on God.

Esperando em Deus, a gente corre :)!

Serva disse...

When the self is placed on the altar, there to worry about, no peace of mind, there is inner peace and that nobody can take away.