domingo, 8 de agosto de 2010

Freeing Us From Enemy.

    But the Lord is faithful, He will establish you and keep you from evil. 2Th 3:3.

   God saves, discipline, guidance and love to those who fear Him. How to love God? Recognizing that all you do is, since our conception, when did not yet exist, to whom we marry, the air we breathe, all we are, in the morning, comes from the Lord. He made the heavens and the earth. recognizing this and that He gave His only Son to save those who accept the Lord Jesus as Lord and Savior Single from sin and saving the heart.

   All that once walked according to the flesh, according to his heart, are now freed and saved because God loves everyone who has a sincere heart and honest with Him As bad as that individual is not ours to judge anyone. One example is David. He walked in the will of God and because of their greed, but slew the husband of Bathsheba to be with her.

   David knew the consequences of his wrong doings to the Lord. So much so that after having done the will of the flesh, has come up before the Lord and repented of error that had just committed to the Lord. In Psalm 51 David's prayer that the Lord does. Meditating on the words that David says to God, you can see how much he has repented and see that after the prayer, David, became another man.

   God is God of justice. David did something that in the eyes of God, was wrong, anyway, after the prayer of repentance, God forgave David, so that the second son of David called Solomon. The first died. If analyzed, the first son had to die because he was conceived when David had not repented before the Lord. After David repents, born Solomon.

   God forgave David so he allowed his son Solomon built the Temple at the time. God loves those who repent of their wrong ways and up spiritually. What would we be without the love and mercy of God?

   David always pleasing to God. Not for their looks, but because of his heart. When we have an upright heart, upright and honest with God Himself becomes our life. Disciplines us because of our mistakes and to His discipline, makes us grow spiritually. David, after he repented, also matured spiritually. David is an example of when our hearts are totally in the Hands of God, we are governed and guided by God for our spiritual growth.

   It's always good to meditate on the Word of God and what each did in the past. And every time we read, we learn more of the things of God. Save your heart. Think about it.

  Stay strong with God.

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