quarta-feira, 4 de agosto de 2010

Serve the Lord.

Paul had a vision at night when the Lord said to him: Fear not, instead, speak and hold not thy peace, Because I am for you, nobody will dare to do you harm, I have much people in this city. Acts 18:10.

    Serving the Lord is bringing His Word and be a living witness to the manifestation of His power. Each of us Christians have a dream. But for this dream be realized, we need God. First to whether and the will of God and second, that even if we have desires, to life in the Hands of the Lord, we must know His will and to do it.

   Surrendering to the Lord is to fear Him and do everything to not grieve His Esípirito. Winning souls for the Lord Jesus is the will of God. And who has that desire, has within it the Holy Spirit. It is God who puts Himself within us to will and to accomplish. Many do not yet know. Looking at parties, bars, clubs, but looking in the wrong places.

   Each one of us Christians, born of the Lord to bring the Word, take the teachings of God, lift people out of deception and show them the Truth. Still there are people who think that The Lord Jesus is the one hanging on the cross. No. The Lord Jesus is Alive and we will want to hold communion with Him and take His Word to those who do not yet know.

   The people of this city are those that God wants to be saved and which have not yet been achieved. Everything that is happening in TV news is what is written in the Word of God. And we have to continue evangelizing and winning souls for the Lord. It's the end of time. We have to keep clean every day and do the will of the Lord and not give up.

   The Apostle Paul took the Word of God. After he converted, repented of his error, repented of persecuting those who preached and started being used by God to bring the Word and save all who believe. Many evangelize than do the will of God. What can not be quit. Stay for the Glory of God.

   Stay strong with God.

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