segunda-feira, 8 de março de 2010

International Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day, today we have the right to vote, to choose what we wear, eat, if we want to exchange if we want to be diplomats or simply take care of home, children and husband. There are 2 centuries ago was not so. Today we have more privileges than our grandparents and great-grandparents. Previously, the woman was all the more difficult and still is today. Only consegumos evolve in some things. Many women were burnt to death on this day because they were tired of being exploited and not being able to have an opinion and not being respected. They also wanted to have rights like any citizen. We move a lot and today we have women occupying positions that previously was only for men, but not all. Lack the paperwork. I say this because there is still violence against women. Does have specialized police and the women's police station here in Rio de Janeiro but is still little. As with the girl in Minas Gerais. She reported the assailant several times at the station, but unfortunately she was a victim of the aggressor and was shot, even with the threat of it, with any evidence that she met while she was alive. The bureaucracy she was killed. So, I say that there is a lot to the difference of 2 centuries ago to ours is great.

   Today we have women in civil construction, police, occupying positions of directors and presidents. And what is more important, without ceasing to be women, mothers and daughters. We have two work shifts, we work at home too. I admire people who achieve their goals without going over anyone and without being vulgar. We have shown that women are capable from the moment we use wisdom. We respect From the moment that we respect. These women need not require a thing has not. It is learned. Many still do not know how to use its most important and is what God has given us and so we completed our halves: wisdom and understanding. Understanding why and what we serve is very important to our existence and wisdom to being next to our children, our parents and our husbands. Being female is much better than being a feminist. Being feminist demands a lot, is putting too much force against the feminine way of being of women. We demand our rights without tag, without being feminist.

   Today many women believe that we can express ourselves without harming anyone. We can work, study, take care of the house, husband and children and take care of ourselves, yes. Why not? Women of God bataham the daily bread, are heads of families who for one reason or another are the providers of home, are single mothers who work and study and care for their children, daughters before their parents provided support and today they are caring parents, pray for their loved ones are widows and single women are waiting on God's blessings on your love life, are married to take care of their families and themselves last, women are seeking from God the strength to get every day, every day stand firm and persevere. These are the helper that every man should have at his side. They are faithful, are firm at last are women. These women are the fine jewelry:'Virtuous woman who can find? Thus your price is far above that of fine jewelry.' Proverbs 31-10.

   Happy days for women.

  Stay with God.

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