sábado, 17 de julho de 2010

All Cooperate.

Jesus beheld them and said to them: This is impossible with men but with God all things are possible. Matthew 19:26.

   No matter how great the struggle, no victory without struggle. All that we ask the Lord, receive. But for us to win we must fight for what you want. God is not magic. God is an intelligent and gives us stick to fish and not the fish were ready.

   All that we ask God, He hears us and answers, but to receive the blessing is to fight. God has given us victory and we take our blessings, or in any area of our lives, we must overcome himself. An example: You pray to God that He would give you a man of God. This man exists and is close to you, only you do not see it, but the victory is already on the road. This is to have confidence that God has answered his prayer. Now, to receive the blessing is necessary to fight against itself, because the mind is invaded by doubts. And those doubts are delaying their blessing to go near you.

   Another example: You have a project to have their own business, you pray to the Lord, and ends in the certainty that prayer was answered. Only to get this project paper and put it into practice is a long walk between doubt and running your store. God does not do a spell for you to have this store in the hands of a sudden. During this process, you also need to mature spiritually.

   All that we ask the Lord we are so satisfied, it does not have doubts, but patience is required to receive and spiritual maturation. along the way we work together with God, not only he works alone. We need the Lord to be met, to have strength during this journey, we are strengthened when they come to the doubts and insecurity, but firm with the Lord.

   Between will and you must perform the deserts and valleys. You must be alone to depend only on God. What God wants is that we live always in communion with him. and we ask, he does more and better than we asked for our thoughts, are not the same thoughts of Him.

   What we dream and it seems it is impossible for us but for God everything is possible. Think about it.

   Stay strong with God.

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