domingo, 18 de julho de 2010

He Is The Way.

I will rise now, and go about the city, the streets and squares; seek the beloved of my soul. I searched him and found him not. Song 3:2

  The latest news we have passed on the evening news, not only in country but in foreign news, violence and homicides with women, makes us reflect on many things. Reading Song of Solomon, we see how man and woman loved each other, and the time were separated, they missed each other. This is true love.

  These days, what happened with these two women, who were murdered in the way they were, it was really absurd. But why did this happen? The reasons are many and it's up to law to decide what to do, but what happens with the love of neighbor, as it is written in the Word of God? To love someone, we must have the awareness that each is one way and one that nobody changes.

  When we know someone is to evaluate everything. Is character, personality, the way he treats his parents and relatives, the behavior in adversity, or know the reason is to see the kind of person with whom you are dealing with.

  Nowadays, with the atrocities taking place not only against women but against children, we must check yes, with whom we have friends with whom we interact on a daily basis. He had a reporter who said, women are wanting to extinguish the planet? It saw the side of people who do not know God, it seems they want it.

  This is the beginning of the end. It is one of many signs of the coming of the Lord Jesus. It is necessary that those who still do not know God, should in future accept Him and seek Him wholeheartedly. Each day has women going through abuse and deaths and children being abused and killed outside the protection of God. God is not looking at home. The Lord Jesus is not the one hanging dead, but it is He who is Alive. He recussitou the third day to save us.

  Seek the Lord while you can. Be in the shelter of the Lord. The Lord Jesus is alive and that we will want to give our life to Him so He has love for us. He alone is capable of turning any situation that seems impossible in reality. If you go through difficult times in your relationship with your husband, seek the Lord, pray, do the current family, but above all, seek their salvation. You are saved, you can save your family. Think about it.

  Stay strong with God.

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